Clinical and Supervision Hours Reporting

IMPORTANT: If you started the reporting process under the older workflow, starting over with the newer version of the reporting process which has been added to your portal account is necessary. The older version has been deleted to avoid confusion. We apologize for any inconvenience. Our records indicate this affected twenty-five (25) current LMFTAs.

Supervision Agreement(s)

TO BEGIN, you will need to submit a supervision agreement (invite a supervisor) for any supervisors who will need to confirm your hours beginning with hours earned starting January 2021 and going forward.

This also applies to LMFTAs approved for licensure in 2021 via the online Certemy application system. This is where you will also report hours (pre-degree or in some instances post-degree from other states) for consideration towards licensure hours for applying for LMFT once the requirements for clinical and supervision hours have been completed.

Once your supervisors have been accepted/approved by the Board, you will be moved to the next phase of entering/reporting clinical and supervision hours.

See below for how to report hours previously sent to the Board via ‘paper or email’ reporting forms.

If at any time you need to add another supervisor, please complete the (Optional) Supervision Agreement form. It allows you to submit as many new supervisors, as necessary. Allow up to 5 business days for Board staff to review and respond to supervision agreement submissions (once the supervisor has accepted the ‘invitation’/agreed to be a supervisor).

Entering hours previously reported (LMFTAs licensed prior to January 2021)

Note: If you have recently submitted an LMFTA to LMFT application via the online system, you do not need to complete this step. The ‘paper’ files will be reviewed prior to processing those new applications to convert to LMFT.

First, complete an (Optional) Supervision Agreement form and invite Wanda Nicholson – as a supervisor.

Once the ‘supervisor’ has been accepted you may begin entering clinical and supervision hours. All hours previously reported, including pre-degree hours accepted for your original license application should be entered.

Once you have completed entering these previous clinical and supervision hours (all hours prior to January 2021), then invite the supervisor (in this instance Wanda Nicholson) to approve the hours reported and this will notify Board staff to review your ‘paper file’ to confirm the hours submitted.

Note: Due to the volume of requests, please allow up to 30 business days for this review. All current LMFTAs should have this step completed by May 31, 2021. If not completed by then, it may require contacting all previous supervisors (instead of just the Board office) to submit new reports.

Entering clinical and supervision hours beginning with January 1, 2021.

Hours should continue to be reported, at a minimum, on a quarterly basis. However, you may submit more often, depending on where you are in your path to applying for LMFTA to LMFT.

Technical Issues

Technical Issues such as cannot log in to the system, the reporting workflow is not in your credentials, etc. – please contact tech support directly as they can best assist you.