Information about the Board, it’s composition and current members.

Mission of the Board

The primary mission of the Board is to protect the public by ensuring that the public has a means of protecting itself from the practice of marriage and family therapy by unprofessional, unauthorized, and unqualified individuals, and to protect the public from unprofessional, improper, unauthorized and unqualified use of certain titles by persons who practice marriage and family therapy.

Board Members

The Board consists of seven (7) members. Four (4) are licensed marriage and family therapists (LMFT) and three (3) who represent the public at large. The Governor appoints all Board members for three-year terms. Board appointees must be from different NC Congressional Districts. Under NCGS 93B-10, Expiration of Term of Appointment of Board Member, a board member serving on an occupational and professional licensing board whose term of appointment has expired shall continue to serve until a successor is appointed and qualified. Board appointees must pass background checks and an evaluation for conflicts of interest by the NC Ethics Commission. Periodic training on ethics regulations is required as is financial disclosures. Board members act and speak as a collective.

Professional Members

Dr. Jon Winek, LMFT

Board Chair

Boone, NC
Term: 9/24/2020 – 9/30/2023

Heather Stehberger, LMFT


Charlotte, NC
Term: 6/12/2018 – 9/30/2026

Sandra (Sandy) Perry, LMFT

New Bern, NC
Term: 2/19/2021 – 9/30/2026

Dr. Jeffrey Krepps, LMFT

Raleigh, NC
Term: 10/1/2023 – 9/30/2027

Public Members

Victoria (Kelly) McKinnon

Vice Chair

Charlotte, NC
Term: 4/26/2018 – 9/30/2025

Mary Jane Richardson

Lumberton, NC
Term: 5/23/2023 – 9/30/2026

Kaitlin Mullins

Fairview, NC
Term: 10/10/2023 – 9/30/2025

Board Committees

The Board utilizes committees comprised of Board members to structure and manage the Board’s work.

Current Committees

  • Executive/Administrative
  • Ethics
  • Licensure
  • Regulatory
  • Technology/Public Relations

Board Administrative Services

The Board is supported by staff in conjunction with legal counsel.

Paola Learoyd

Executive Director (

Tara Strickland

Associate Director (

Ruby Bullard, Esq.

Legal Counsel

Board Meetings

The Board meets for regular meetings at least four (4) times a year, generally quarterly with additional meetings if necessary. Though some Board business, such as meetings to discuss investigative or complaint information or individual license applications, is confidential under law, Board meetings are otherwise open to the public and media. Refer to the Calendar for more information. Committees may meet monthly or on an ad-hoc basis. Although a lot of preparation is required for each regular meeting, serving on the Board is an enriching and rewarding experience. It is a unique opportunity to serve the profession and learn more about its regulation.

If you are interested in becoming a Board member, please visit the Office of the Governor’s website to learn more about board membership and to apply. Because the application and selection process can take some time, be sure to apply as soon as possible if you are interested.