Incorporation and Reinstatement Information

Information for reinstatement and Incorporation


A NC LMFT who wishes to form a Professional Corporation or Professional Limited Liability Company must apply to the North Carolina Marriage and Family Therapy and Licensure Board for a Certificate of Registration (COR), pursuant to North Carolina General Statutes.

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The North Carolina Marriage and Family Therapy Licensure Board strongly discourages independent private practice during the associate licensure period. 

Supervisors of LMFTAs are accountable for the supervisee’s practice. Therefore, the supervisor, in addition to being approved should also, as stated in the Supervision Agreement, gain thorough knowledge of the supervisee’s practice activities including practice setting, record keeping, financial management, ethics of clinical practice, and if not an on-site supervisor, ensure a back-up/emergency plan for coverage (with a licensed mental health professional in the State of North Carolina) is in place.

Your supervisor (s) must agree to your filing for Incorporation within the application in LearningBuilder.  If the same individual is providing both services, then he/she must document who is available as backup if your supervisor is not immediately available. You must immediately inform this Board if there is any change with respect to the practitioner(s) providing supervision and emergency consultation.

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Reinstatement and Reactivation

For applicants who were licensed by the Board and their license has expired and has not been expired for more than two years may apply for reinstatement.  Licenses that have expired more than two years cannot be reinstated.  
If your license has been inactive and you wish to return to active status you must also complete the Reinstatement application and show necessary CEUs and pay applicable fees

Please visit the Renewal page on this website for more detailed information.