All Supervision must be completed under an AAMFT certified supervisor and reports must be signed by an AAMFT supervisor. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Supervision Agreement(s)

TO BEGIN, you will need to submit a supervision agreement (invite a supervisor) for any supervisors who will need to confirm your hours.

Once your supervisors have been agreed, you may start to report your clinical and supervision hours.  You may upload as many supervisor agreements as necessary.

Reporting Clinical and Supervision Hours

Use your LearningBuilder profile to log your hours to the Board.  

  • Hours reported in Certemy have been migrated to LearningBuilder.  
  • If these hours were confirmed by your supervisor in Certemy you will see them confirmed in LearningBuilder and added to your total bars located at the top of the page
  • If you see your hours from Certemy listed with a “Enter Hours/Send to Supervisor” option next to them you will need to select that option and send to your AAMFT supervisor for confirmation. 
  • Once your hours are confirmed you will see them added to you totals bard across the top of the page.

For reporting new hours.  you will log/submit your hours and then send to your Supervisor for confirmation.  Your supervisor will need to confirm the hours. Please use this log as your method of tracking your hours. You may log them as often as you wish.  There is no longer a quarterly requirement in submitting hours.