All Supervision must be completed under an AAMFT certified supervisor and reports must be signed by an AAMFT supervisor. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Supervision Agreement(s)

TO BEGIN, you will need to submit a supervision agreement (invite a supervisor) for any supervisors who will need to confirm your hours beginning with hours earned starting January 2021 and going forward.

Once your supervisors have been accepted/approved by the Board, you will be moved to the next phase of entering/reporting clinical and supervision hours.  If at any time you need to add another supervisor, please complete the (Optional) Supervision Agreement form. It allows you to submit as many new supervisors, as necessary.  Board staff will review and approve supervision agreement submissions.

Board staff will review and respond to supervision agreement and/or clinical and supervision report submissions.   Processing time will vary.  Contact Paola Learoyd at if you have waited over 14 business days.

See below for how to report hours previously sent to the Board via ‘paper or email’ reporting forms.

Reporting Hours

Effective June 25, 2021, any hours previously reported via ‘paper or email forms’, it is the responsibility of the NC LMFTA to have those hours reported in the online system to ensure they are counted toward licensure for verification you have completed the requirements for converting from LMFTA to LMFT.

It is recommended you gather your copies of the previous reports and send those to your previous supervisor(s) for reference. Then you will follow the same process of inviting the supervisor in the online system.  Once the supervisor(s) accept your invitation and they are approved by the Board in the system, you should complete clinical and supervision reports and send to those supervisors for acceptance. Once they have completed that step, the system notifies the Board that the reports are ready for review.

Logging Hours

The “Clinical and Supervision Reports” in your Certemy profile is your log for reporting your hours to the Board.  

You will log/submit your hours and then send to your Supervisor for confirmation.  Your supervisor will accept then continue to sign and confirm the hours. Please use this log as your method of tracking your hours. You may log them as often as you wish.  There is no longer a quarterly requirement in submitting hours as you now may track them in Certemy and refer to them at any time. 

VERY IMPORTANT:  The Board office will NOT verify your submitted hours until the total number of hours is met (200 supervision and 1500 clinical).  

Technical Issues

Technical Issues such as cannot log in to the system– please contact tech support directly as they can best assist you.