History of the Board

The North Carolina Marriage and Family Therapy Licensure Board was established in 1979 when North Carolina became the fifth state in the nation to pass statutes for recognition of marriage and family therapy as a professional practice affecting the public safety and welfare. 

Board milestones include:

1979 Marital and Family Therapy Board established
1983 State MFT Exam developed and implemented
1984 Administrative Code (Rules) adopted defining the authority and structure of the Board under NC Statutes
1985 Statutory revision requiring certification to practice MFT in NC
1995 National MFT Exam adopted by the Board to replace the state exam
1995 MFT Licensure Act, replaced the certification act with licensure (LMFT)
2009 MFT Licensure Act amended to include a secondary licensure tier (LMFTA) - licensure for associates
2011 Administrative Code (Rules) amended
2019 Administrative Code (Rules) readopted