March 22, 2021

Board Launches New Website

The NC MFT Licensure Board announces the launch of a new website with an integrated licensing management solution for automating all aspects of the Board’s licensing applications and renewals processes with centralized data and document processing functions, providing real-time access (allowing you to check the status of your application or renewal at any time). Each applicant or licensee has a secure account which allows managing all aspects of their application process and license in one place while providing a permanent, easily accessible record. Said Wanda Nicholson, Executive Director “This has been a long-time goal of the Board and mine. It is the culmination of lots of research, long, extra work-filled hours designing and customizing the programming and, writing the content, but it is designed to effectively and efficiently manage the increasing workload of the Board and allows for increasing more aspects of functionality and automation as needs evolve”.  Partnering with IMP Designs, an experienced Raleigh, NC based web-site design and development company for the ‘front-facing’(content and informational portion of the site) and Certemy, experienced in credentialing and compliance management software for professional licensure boards and other agencies, for the ‘back-end’ (application and renewal portion of the site) has allowed the Board to find an affordable solution to provide services to applicants, licensees, and consumers.  The Board recognizes that change can sometimes be a ‘little scary’, but the Board is confident as you begin to use the system, you’ll quickly appreciate the value it brings to the process. Goodness, we’ve all experienced a lot of changes over the past year, but we’re looking to the future!