June 24, 2024

Telehealth Update

Practice of MFT in NC without NC licensure is considered practicing without a license. The Board does not authorize teletherapy or in-person therapy by other state(s) licensees (those not licensed in NC).

Practice of Emergency Practice Permits for MFTs licensed in other states who were granted authorization to practice MFT in NC via the Governor’s Executive Orders expire July 1, 2021.  Those with clients currently residing in NC must complete transition of their clients by August 1, 2021.  Practice of MFT by previously issued Emergency Practice permit, without NC licensure, after August 1, 2021, is considered practicing without a license in NC.

If you are a NC licensed MFT and wish to practice teletherapy in another state/jurisdiction based on your NC license, you must contact that state/jurisdiction to determine if they will allow you to practice.

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